Heart Of My Own


The moon, who is caprice itself, looked through the window while you were sleeping in your cradle, and said to herself: ‘I like this child.’

And softly she decended her staircase of clouds and, noislessly, passed through the window-panes. Then she stretched herself out over you with the supple tenderness of a mother, and laid down her colors on your face. Ever since, the pupils of your eyes have remained green and your cheeks unusually pale. It was while comtemplating this vistor that your eyes became so strangely enlarged; and she clasped your neck so tenderly that you have retained for ever the desire to weep.

However, in the expansion of her joy, the Moon filled the whole room with phosphorescent vapour, like a luminous poison; and all the living light thought and said: ‘You shall suffer for ever the influence of my kiss. You shall be beautiful in my fashion. You shall love that which I love and that which loves me: water, clouds, silence and the night; the immense green sea; the formless and multiform streams; the place where you shall not be; the lover whom you shall not know; flowers of monstrous shape; perfumes that cause delirium; cats that shudder, swoon and curl up on pianos and groan like women, with a voice that is hoarse and gentle!

‘And you shall be loved by my lovers, courted by my courtiers. You shall be the queen of all men that have green eyes, whose necks also I have clasped in my nocturnal caresses; of those who love the sea, the sea that is immense, tumultuous and green, the formless and multiform streams, the place where they are not, the woman whom they do not know, sinister flowers that resemble the censers of a strange religion, perfumes that confound the will; and the savage and voluptuous animals which are the emblems of their dementia.


—“The Favours of the Moon,” Charles Baudelaire, 1869 (via christinedaae)


rain ghosts by Simon Clarke

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I’ll carry you, you carry me, that’s how it could be, don’t you know me, don’t you know me by now

500 German fairytales locked away, re-discovered →

Mythology and folklore document our artistic and societal development from continent to continent, region to region. This discovery is huge; what psycho-sociological mirror have we unearthed?

How exciting is this!?

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All photos © Fuminari Yoshitsugu.

This ‘Haunted House’ is not like any you will have seen before and comes in the form of a spooky gallery of paintings that at first seem ordinary but soon turn out to have some hidden surprises in store. The concept behind Torafu Architects’ ‘Haunted Play House’ is to challenge perspectives and norms where rules are broken as children are actually encouraged to run, shout and touch – activities usually forbidden in a gallery or a museum. Upon first entering the exhibition, nothing seems to be that odd at first but soon enough perspectives begin to change; eyes move as young visitors begin to experience a range of spooky happenings. In the surprise room they can even turn the table and become one of the tricksters themselves. How much fun is that?!”

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.


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Confusing and Drowning Flux of Blood, Takato Yamamoto.


If you ever looked at me once with what I know is in you, I would be your slave.

Wuthering Heights (2011)